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what we do.

At Monday Morning Consultants we offer a full range of change management services. They include: 

+  Customized education programs in anti-racism concepts

+  Executive Search and the full range of talent development 

+  Thought partnership across all internal functions


Everything we do is rooted in anti-racism and decolonization. This means every aspect of our work - search, education, thought partnership - centers the identities and needs of those most impacted by oppressive systems.


who we are.

Erica Nicole and Jamie combine 38 years of expertise and experience in adult education, research, executive search, talent and nonprofit organizational development as they support organizations that hope to deepen their commitment to equity in their work, their impact, and their culture. 


We leverage our shared and unique identities to connect authentically with our clients and hold them accountable as they challenge their worldviews, build community, center the voices of the most marginalized and push their learning and work past the status quo.


who we are.

Erica Nicole Griffin, PhD

Principal. she/her.


who we are.


Principal. she/her.


our values.


We drive authenticity through identity work, dialogue, critical self-reflection, and the use of affinity spaces where people with similar identities can learn, heal, and hold themselves and each other accountable.

Radical Hope

This is not naivete. Even as we confront the root cause and breadth of racism, patriarchy, heterosexism and all aspects of white supremacy; hope is our north star. It sustains us through every aspect of our work.


Anti-racism work cannot be done in isolation. In community we find healing, joy, learning, and accountability. Together we recognize our shared humanity and take up the work of revolution together.


We operate in community with clients, lifting up difficult questions and curating spaces for courageous and authentic dialogue.


Your Team

Our Anti-Racism Education Practice starts with an assessment of your organizational culture. We then use that assessment to customize a learning journey at any or all levels of your organization. 


The work of anti-racism is never done, but our learning journeys can provide your team with the tools to name your challenges, reduce harm to team members, community and stakeholders, and start the long process of contouring your programming and internal systems within an anti-racism framework.


Your Team

Our Executive Search Practice empowers your team to engage your networks - national or regional - and build a candidate pool that is talented, enthusiastic and, most importantly, representative of the people you serve and the perspectives needed to drive toward your organization’s mission. 


We tailor our services to your timing, capacity and budget. Together we will create a plan and support you and your team from interview to offer - all through the lens of anti-racism.


current searches

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To apply for a position, please submit a resume with the job position and company name in the subject line.

If you have a nomination or questions, please feel free to email Jamie and/or Erica Nicole.



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