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Jamie Patrice Joanou, Ph.D.

Dr. Jamie Patrice Joanou brings 17 years of experience in facilitation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion work to her leadership at Monday Morning Consultants.  She is a social justice educator and Fulbright Scholar.  She has worked both internationally and in the US educating to interrupt white supremacy, unlearning oppression, and facilitating anti-racism training. Additionally, Dr. Joanou brings extensive training in qualitative research methods and critical theory. 


Jamie’s background is in the study of systemic racism and the role of the school in the reproduction of social inequalities as well as the intersections of poverty and race in the experiences of youth living and working on the street.  


She earned her Ph.D. from Arizona State University in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, an M.A. in the Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, also from Arizona State University, and her B.A. in Fine Art from Portland State University.  


She lives in Salt Lake City with her two children and partner.

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